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The virtual summit for corporate dropouts who want to build their personal brands, grow their online reputation for being the best in their industry and launch their digital business

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Here's what you'll learn:

Creating a powerhouse brand and a profitable business means having the right strategic mix of confidence building strategies, social media content and communication tactics to get you seen, heard and paid. Here’s what you’ll be able to do when it’s over

Build that “C.E.O” confidence that helps you stand out

Create systems for Consistency and quality in everything you dofor your brand

Create Social Media Content that’s solves problems and makes you influential

Master the art of Communication to build your network and circle of influence

Develop products that people actually need and want to buy

Create a Community of loyal fans and warm leads who are ready to buy your products

The Brandprint Summit is bringing together 36 practitioners over 4 days to teach you strategies on how move from that 9-5 mind-set, elevate you vision to CEO and leader so you build a brand and online business of your dream. Create the life and the financial freedom you want to finally hand in that resignation letter.

Maybe You've:

Decided that it’s time to stop “side hustling” and start growing your brand and business in a strategic and sustainable way

Looked up at that clock in your office and the walls of your cubicle one too many times and decided that something has to change in your life

Been trying to build your online business on your own and just can’t seem to get all the moving parts right

Whatever the reason, it’s time to change the formula so you can change the results.

Meet Your Host

Hey future CEO!
I’m Jamila, Personal Branding Strategist and Coach and host of the Brandprint Summit. I’m so happy to welcome you to this event because I remember what it feels like being in your shoes. I know what it’s like to want more for yourself, your career and bank account but you can’t seem to build the momentum and visibility you need to attract your ideal customers. This is what led me to write “The Brandprint” which then led to me hosting this summit.
Every presentation  has been crafted to help you unlock the confidence you crave to go after the things you really want, learn how to build more confidence, create content your audience will love, how to pitch yourself and communicate and how to sell your services. You will walk away with clarity on your next steps and how to get started on the brand new you!

The Details



The Brandprint Summit will run for 4 value-packed days, August 25th to August 28th.



I don’t think there is any greater feeling than building your business from the comfort of your home, so log in from your living room. Snacks are limitless and pants are optional.

Monitor Screen


Presentations will begin at 10 a.m. (GMT-4) on each day and will last from 30-45 minutes each. Each presentation is designed to give you easy actionable steps that you can apply to your business right away.  Presentations will also be available for up to 24 hours on each day of the summit.

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Join the Club

A transformation is never fun alone. Join other future CEOs like you over in the Brandprint Summit Facebook group. Network, collaborate and most of all enjoy the journey with like-minded and supportive people.

Door prize ticket

Win cool stuff

Joining the group is only half of the party. Once you’re in there, you’ll have the chance to win cool prizes for showing up, being part of the conversation and bringing that energy to the summit.

All Access PAss


Grab our all access pass and binge watch over 20 hours of training all on your own time. You'll even get a copy of every item on sales in our summit shoppe!

Not Your Average Online Summit

This is definitely NOT another boring webinar series. This summit is designed to put you ahead of the curve in your business. The knowledge that will be shared will save you months trying to figure out how to show up confidently online, how to create content that engages your audience and moves them to take the action you want, how to comunicate to build your network and sell your services and how to manage your business without feeling overwhelmed. Each speaker was hand picked because they are all practitioners who have build their personal brands in their field and bring trmendous value and experiece to every presentation.


Now for the pièce de résistance! Meet all of the awesome speakers who will be bringing fire to the Brandprint Summit

Arnold Best

Arnold best
Making the "CEO Mindset" Shift as you become a leader

Lindsey Aleson

Lindsey Aleson
The digital toolkit you need to get started with your online business

Liz WilcoxLiz Wilcox
Building your confidence in the online space as you build your brand

John Ruman
John Ruman

How to achieve work life Balance as a digital entrepreneur

Crystal Dipsingh Bachoo

Crystal Dipsingh Bahcoo

How to figure out your niche and target market

Charlene PedroCharlene Pedro
How to thrive  becoming your own boss after being laid off

Rachael Spiewak
Rachael Spiewak
How to leverage  Facebook Groups to grow your tribe

Jhalisa John
Jhalisa John
Building your brand with Instagram stories

K Nicole Bent
K. Nicole Bent

How to build brand reach with podcasting

Ian ReidIan Reid
How to work with a designer to develop your branding assets

Pelpina Trip
Pelpina Trip

How to film and edit videos with your smart phone

Kate Pearl Goddard
Kate Pearl Goddard

How to build your tribe with YouTube

Sonja PollanaisSonja Pollanais

Panelist- Building your brand as a speaker and author

Golda Lee Bruce

Golda Lee Bruce

Panelist- Building your brand as a speaker and author

Daniel Francis
Daniel Francis

Panelist- Building your brand as a speaker and author

Adrian HackshawAdrian Havelock
Panelist- Building your brand as a speaker and author

Tamara Mc KayleTamara Mc Kayle

Creating brand authority with your own web show

Tiffany TrotterTiffany Trotter

How to Leverage Your Website to Build Your Mail Listing

Carla Williams JohnsonCarla Williams Johnson
How to get booked for radio, TV and press interviews

Tamara Mon Louis

Tamara Mon Louis

 How funnels work to attract leads and drive sales

Sandee SevillaSandy Sevilla

Canva 101- How to create DIY graphics and content for your business

Dawn-Marie NesbittDawn-Marie Nesbitt

How to Use Blogging As A Content Marketing Strategy To Sell Your Services

Winston HendersonWinston Henderson

How to create lead magnets your audience will love

Jena BagleyJena Bagley

Email 101: Creating a loyal customer base through email marketing


Renee Serran LayneRenee Serrant Layne

Developing & Launching a Profitable Product

Saelese HaynesSaelese Haynes

Protecting your digital business and intellectual property

Meg Brunson

Meg Brunson

How to prospect for high quality clients online

Eden FriedEden Fried

Pricing your products as an expert


Melody JohnsonMelody Johnson

Hiring and managing remote Teams

Mary Sure DahillMary Sue Dahill

Creating automated systems that increase your efficiency and profits

Melinda BelleMelinda Belle

Managing your finances and budgeting as a virtual business owner

Brendon BrathwaiteBrendon Brathwaite

How to leverage public speaking to build your brand and reputation

Jarrod Best MithcellJarrod Best Mitchell

Building a powerhouse network with LinkedIn

Cher JonesCher Jones

How to transition your personal brand from the 9-5 employee to digital entrepreneur

Camille AttelCamille Attell

Launch it Lean-The quick and easy way to get your offer onto the market

Kris GrangerKristofer Granger

How to use your brand story to position yourself and attract your audience

It's time to....

Stop trying to sift through the ocean of information on the internet trying to figure out whose advice to take. Instead enjoy curated content designed to help you get your personal brand up and running quickly

Stop relying on the "hopes and wishes" strategy to figure out how to position yourself as an authority and stand out in your industry. Instead, put an end to your confusion and get easy, actionable steps on exactly what to do to position yourself as the best in your industry and the top choice for your clients

This is your chance to get simple and effective advice on how to grow your brand and business online that actually works.

This may be our first summit, but we've won at the personal branding rodeo before. Here's what one person who worked with use before had to say...

Dionne ArchibaldDionne Archibald

Virtual Assistant

I got the Brandprint DM LinkedIn script as a cheat sheet when I got the Brandprint book. The template simplified the task of digital networking for me. As a newbie to the entrepreneurial world, the hardest thing to do is to find the right balance of what to say when introducing yourself to cold prospects.…what do I say? How much details about myself do I give when I send a message? But having access to the Brandprint DM scrpit took the guesswork out of it for me. I recently used the script to introduce myself to an influencer I greatly admired on LinkedIn and it worked! He replied that he was willing to help me in any way he can and to keep in touch! I was truly happy for this response and I knew it was all thanks to the DM script from Jamila. Now, I am more confident in introducing myself on social media because I know exactly what to say.

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